Digital Soldering Iron Station “X-TRONIC” MODEL #4010-XTS

 The X-Tronic 4000 is an excellent digital soldering station and represents great value for the the cost. The unit weighs about 5 lbs and the build quality is good the base unit especially feels pretty sturdy. The soldering iron heats up quickly in about 30 seconds or so. It holds its temperature well even when using it on heavy gauge wire and according to the manufacturer it holds its temperature constantly within an error of about 2 degrees which is quite impressive for an intermediate soldering station. We think the  Xtronic  4010 is quite comparable to the Hakko FX951 in most regards. 

The provided ten spare  tips appear to be good quality and the soldering station also comes with a soldering iron, holder and a sponge for tip cleaning as well as a spare heater, tweezers and a neat magnifying lamp for small jobs.

X-Tronic 4010 Features

  • Heats up very quickly
  • Includes extras like 10 soldering tips and a spare heating element
  • 60 watts power
  • Temperature range 200 to 480 centigrade
  • ESD safe
  • “Great magnifying lamp, helpful for small soldering jobs (worth $25 to $40)
  • Anti magnetic stainless steel twweezers
  • Flexible silicon cord that remains flexible and kink free
  • Weighs 5lbs
  • Size 5.00”W, 4.40”H. 5.50”D
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Great after sales service

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soldering tips

The X-Tronic comes with a good variety of tips from fine conical points to wider rounded and flat chisel tips this is a nice plus as you don’t have to buy them separately at $3 to $6 each. 

The temperature display is in centigrade rather than Fahrenheit but don’t let that put you off. We like the silicon cord, it is very flexible and won’t get kinks that aging plastic cords tend to over time. X-Tronic are starting to get noticed by their sympathetic warranty cover and certainly their are numerous reviews talking about great after sales service.

We would have liked a safety cut out or sleep mode if the soldering iron is not in use but this is not really an issue unless you are soldering all day long. The bottom line if yo are a keen hobbyist who is looking for an affordable but well specified reliable soldering station than this might be the unit you should seriously consider.

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